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Partners for Democracy is a leadership training program, sponsored by Pacific Resource Partnership, that teaches current and emerging Hawaii civic leaders how to develop and execute a successful political and public policy advocacy campaigns.

Campaign Curriculum

The campaign curriculum will focus on teaching campaign fundamentals, including budgeting, strategies to maximize fundraising, best practices in communications (from message development to delivery),and the fundamentals of campaign field and direct voter contact programs. It is designed to provide candidates with real world opportunities to create materials for their political campaigns and culminates with a group exercise to write an actual campaign plan.

Issues Curriculum

The issues curriculum will offer participants an opportunity to gain a greater understanding of important subjects like organized labor and worker rights, affordable housing, land use, and critical infrastructure. It will include a panel of experts from the public and private sectors who will offer key insights on each issue topic and provide an opportunity to engage in open discussions between program participants and invited speakers.

Learn more about the program from some of our cohort members and one of our guest speakers, U.S. Senator Brian Schatz.. Sen. Schatz joined us at a reception to recognize the cohort and provide some words of wisdom to the group. 

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Who We Are

Partners for Democracy is a civic leadership program sponsored by Pacific Resource Partnership, Hawaii’s leading labor-management organization representing over 6,500 working members from the Hawaii Regional Council of Carpenters and more than 200 contractors who employ Hawaii union workers.

Our Mission

We identify and support current and future leaders who are willing to participate in the civic process and find solutions to the critical issues facing Hawaii. We empower these leaders with the training, tools, resources, and support necessary to develop and implement forward-thinking public policy that ensures Hawaii’s workers and families can live and thrive in the place they call home.

Our Vision

By cultivating enlightened, proactive civic leaders who will challenge the status quo and champion real solutions to address the most pressing issues we face, we can ensure Hawaii remains a place for everyone who lives here, not just the privileged few.

What We Do

We offer a best-in-class learning experience that teaches current and emerging Hawaii civic leaders the art of developing and executing successful political and public policy advocacy campaigns—through classroom instruction, issues awareness programs, networking and relationship building opportunities, and hands-on work study.


Partners for Democracy is open to any current Hawaii resident who is interested in running as a candidate for public office, managing campaigns for candidates seeking office, or managing public policy advocacy campaigns. 

Advocate Track

For Hawaii residents interested in managing campaigns for candidates seeking office, managing public policy advocacy campaigns, or interested in running as a candidate for public office after the 2022 election cycle. An advocacy track is designed for individuals who are interested in directly participating in the civic process; from the person who wants to learn how to manage a campaign for a candidate running for elected office to someone who wants to apply campaign tactics to more effectively lobby and advocate for government action on an issue they feel passionately about.

Candidate Track

For Hawaii residents who intend to run as a candidate for public office in Hawaii during the 2022 election.

Application & Selection Process

The application process for the spring 2022 cohort are currently closed. Please check back or email us at to stay up-to-date on when the selection process will begin for the next cohort.